Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Environmental Audit Services - Top 10 Reasons to Use ARS Environmental Reviews

Top 10 Reasons to Use The Carel Corporation and ARS Environmental ReviewsTM

  1. Audits are based on over 30 years experience and 1,500+ audits
  2. Conducted in the same method an expert witness would review a case in preparation for court
  3. Customized for your company's internal programs, SOPs and policies
  4. Helps identify and focus on areas of opportunity for improvement
  5. Consistently reduces environmental regulatory compliance and violation issues
  6. Generates a complete Best Practices action plan at the close of the audit
  7. Maximizes environmental, regulatory and other internal training programs
  8. Reduces the inefficiency of paper and spreadsheet based data collection systems
  9. The best way to ensure a company's internal safety programs are propertly implemented and maintained
  10. Saves lives, serious injuries and $$ millions
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