Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Your proposal was approved, the monitoring wells were installed, and everything has been running smoothly.  The next sampling event rolls around with no issues...until your field personnel approaches one of the perfectly installed wells and notices it is now leaning some.  Upon further inspection, the slope adjacent to the well has failed.  Put two and two together, and this situation has the potential to compromise the structural integrity of the well.  So what do you do now?

The Carel Corporation has recently faced a similar issue and while the solutions can be many and varied, we chose a down-hole submersible video camera.

The GeoVision down-hole submersible camera is a small camera on the end of a long, flexible cord designed to fit in the casing of the well.  The cord may be attached to a winch for more control in lowering the instrument down the hole and it can rotate 360 degrees for an all around inspection of the well casing.

Video is streamed instantly and the technician can immediately diagnose problems as the image appears on the screen, as well as save the data for later review.   

The video our field personnel shot by the down-hole  submersible camera was reviewed for any secondary damage that might have occurred from the slope failure.  The entire length of the inner casing was visually checked, paying particular attention to the casing joints.  Luckily, no structural damage to the well casing was observed, and the next step, repairing the pad, can be broached.

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