Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Environmental Audit Services - Getting Your Audit Data Out is Easy

With any database application, entering your data is only half the battle.  Many database applications may handle data entry (inputs) reasonably well (or not), but then fail when it comes to quickly and easily producing meaningful results in the form of reports, charts/graphs, exports, etc (outputs).  Unfortunately, applications all too often look like something only your IT department would love to use. 

The learning curve just to figure out how to enter your audit data can be steep enough, but then you go to print something (to get the data out) and discover you have to fight the application all over again just to print even the simpliest report.  You will often be asked to enter "Parameters", "Date Ranges", "Generate" something called a "Query", etc., before you can even know what the report will look like.  Even frequently used standardized reports can require considerable training and expertise to generate (something the vendor will be happy to offer and charge you for). 

With ARS Environmental ReviewsTM, printing reports, charts/graphs and exporting data is just as quick and easy as entering the data was in the first place.  A single click on a button is all it takes to produce any type of output.  One-click Reports.  One-click Charts/Graphs.  One-click Exports.  One-click Screenshots.

Also, everything is automatically previewed first so you know exactly what you are getting before you produce the report, chart/graph, export, etc.  This makes learning how to use ARS Environmental ReviewsTM a snap. It also nicely accomodates the laptop user who may not always want to carry a printer around with them everywhere they go.

This "expertise" and "skill set" carries over to each and every report, chart/graph or export throughout the entire application.  Once you have mastered clicking on one button, you will have completely mastered the process for ALL of them.  In addition, it makes generating any kind of output a very rapid fire process you can learn with little or no training or reference to a user guide or, heaven forbid, the dreaded and never used F1 Help emergency option! 

Top 10 Things to Know About ARS Environmental ReviewsTM Reports, Charts/Graphs and Export Options:

  1. With a Single Mouse Click on a Button You Can Produce Any Type of Output
  2. Outputs are Always Previewed First (Nothing Goes Directly to a Printer)
  3. Outputs can be Printed, Emailed, Saved as PDF Files or Converted to Image Files (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF), etc.
  4. You Can Export Your Data to Excel and Create Your Own Reports and Graphs, Databases, etc.
  5. A Printer is Not Required
  6. Customization of Reports, Charts/Graphs, Exports, etc., is Available
  7. Top N Reports, Charts/Graphs and Exports Take Only Seconds to Produce
  8. Presentation Quality Output is Available for Use in PowerPoint Presentations, Word, etc.
  9. Even Screenshots Can Be Used as a Report with a Single-Click on a Button
  10. Very Little or No Training is Required to Learn How to Get Your Data Out!
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