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Environmental Audit Services - Both Internal and External Audits are Encouraged

Environmental Audits at The Carel Corporation (TCC) using ARS Environmental ReviewsTM are designed to support the different requirements and audit scenarios typical of any company.

  • Internal Audits Only (Good)
  • External Audits Only (Better)
  • A Combination of External and Internal Audits (Best)

The preferred method is a combination of both external audits by TCC auditors and internal audits by internal audit staff for at least the first year with 100% of locations being audited by TCC.  This establishes a good baseline "state of the nation" upon which to build your audit program in second and subsequent years and to train your auditors to properly and consistently perform the audits. 

Standards of performance can then be established and agreed upon by operations and future audits measured against this internally developed and agreed upon standard.  Auditing 100% of the locations the first year also helps in creating the buy-in necessary from operations since everyone shares in the "pain" equally and had a role in creating the standards they will be measured against.

The second year could then consist of a mix of external and internal audits with maybe 10 - 20% of the locations audited by external TCC auditors and 100% of the locations by internal auditors.  External TCC auditors would be used as a disinterested third party without any ties to the company or operations to thereby ensure a fair and balanced evaluation consistent across the organization.  The locations to be audited could represent a cross-section of your company's locations or could just target the poorest performers or a mix of both in each region or area.

Often times however, companies lack the internal staff and/or resources to audit 100% of the locations and believe it is preferable to have the external auditors audit all locations and internal auditors just "reaudit" locations that have done poorly or to just focus in on specific areas identified as requiring more attention.  By targeting opportunity areas already identified by the external auditors, internal audit staff resources can be used more effectively. 

It is also preferrable to have a certain percentage or number of audits be "test" audits.  Depending on the size of the organization this typically ranges anywhere from two to ten audits.  Once these test audits are completed and a standardized template for all future audits developed, it makes it easier to perform the audits without any surprises or sudden unexpected and possibly disruptive, unwelcome or confusing changes after a large number of audits have already been completed.  Retroactive restating of results are also avoided.

Test audits are done by external TCC auditors only using ARS Environmental ReviewsTM.  However, internal auditors and staff are welcome and encouraged to be present and involved in the audit, however, they will not use ARS Environmental ReviewsTM until after the test audits are completed and have started training.

Although a combination of both internal and external audits of 100% of the locations is the preferred method, external audits done by TCC auditors only is also a very good option for many organizations.  This is especially true for companies that do not want to develop or need a full-blown internal audit capability or believe the best results are best left to the experts!

Anyway you want it, The Carel Corporation can provide a solution tailored to your situation.

For more information about Environmental Audit Services at The Carel Corporation please check out our website at:

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